*Site surveys

*Facility design

*Assistance with planning permission

*Production of construction specifications

*Tender documentation

*CDM Planning Supervision

*Advice on select list of tenderers

*Tender evaluation

*Construction control


*Performance testing of completed facility

*Certification by Governing Body

*Expert witness services

Expert Witness Services

  • Playground accidents
  • Accidents on sports surfaces
  • Playground Safety Surface design and construction
  • Tennis Court design and construction
  • Playground equipment safety
  • Artificial grass sports surfaces
  • Synthetic horse racing and training surfaces
  • Design and construction of athletics surfaces
  • Injuries relating to sports surfaces and equipment.

Dr.Paul Hawkins is recognised internationally as a leading expert in the field of sports surface and equipment science and technology. He is experienced in the design, construction and performance testing of all surfaces and equipment.
He operates his own Consultancy, devoted specifically to the Sports industry. He is experienced in a wide range of problem areas, including:

 Construction specifications and tolerances

  • Performance of surfaces and equipment, particularly in relation to user safety
  • Environmental aspects, including air- and surface-water toxic contamination
  • Quality control of the raw materials used in the on-site production of sports surfaces
  • Performance of installers against contract terms
  • The failure and degradation of sports surfaces.



B.Sc.(Hons) University of London (1972) Physics
M.Sc. University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (1974) Materials Science
Ph.D. University of Manchester (1976) Materials Science and Technology


Fellow of The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (F.I.MMM.)
Member of The Institute of Physics (M.Inst.P.)
Member of The Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management (M.I.L.A.M.)
Chartered Physicist (C.Phys.)


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