*Site surveys

*Facility design

*Assistance with planning permission

*Production of construction specifications

*Tender documentation

*CDM Planning Supervision

*Advice on select list of tenderers

*Tender evaluation

*Construction control


*Performance testing of completed facility

*Certification by Governing Body

*Expert witness services


We offer a complete turnkey service.

Managing the reconstruction of a synthetic pitch or track can be a complicated business. Most of our clients only ever do it once, so do not get the opportunity to become familiar with the process.

As Specialists, we do it all the time. Why not have the benefit of our experience from start to finish?

To get the full benefit of our services, call us as early in the project as possible. Even before you have decided what the new surface is to be used for and how intensively.


We will survey and inspect your existing facility and discuss possible design solutions. Items to be taken into consideration include:


Mix of sports eg. Hockey/Tennis, Hockey/Soccer, etc.



Intensity of use and split-pitch requirements



Design life of new facility



Condition of existing facility



Minimising reconstruction costs 



Liaising with yourselves, we will then produce the Specification, which contains all necessary design and construction criteria to enable us to go out to tender.

Also included would be the Pre-construction Health and safety Plan in accordance with CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations.

When tenders are returned, we will evaluate them on a value-for-money basis, and recommend a Contractor for the project.

During the construction phase, we would make regular site visits to assess progress and quality of workmanship, including quality control tests on all materials as necessary.

We would chair regular site meetings and perform valuations to certify interim payments to the contractor.

On practical completion we would performance test the surface according to the requirements of the contract and compile a snagging list of remedial action.

Finally, at the end of the defects liability period, we would again inspect the facility and authorise the release of retention money if appropriate.

By involving us in your project, you remain in control and in touch, but all the hard work is done by us. We go away with your concept and hand you back a completed, working and certified sports facility.